The Barn

Over the last 8 years our main event space has served the community with classes, workshops, music jams, movie nights, talks, dinners, meetups, dances, concerts, and more. We're equipped with a full sound system, kitchen, dance floor, seating, and musical instruments.

Our intention is to provide a space for mission aligned people and organizations to come together. If you're interested in hosting any kind of event, click the button to fill out a quick form about the event.

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Community Clay

We have a potters’ wheel, kiln, potters’ tools and reclaimed glazes and clay.

Message us to schedule a tour of the space, or learn more.

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  • Opportunities to learn or teach!
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The Fab Lab

A dedicated space for folks working in the realm of environmentally friendly sustainable design and appropriate technology. From bike builders to rocket stove makers, gasifier to methane digester, the Fab Lab is an incubator for new ideas for a regenerative future.

The space is suited for metal and woodworking, soldering, custom bike frame & trailer fabrication. We have shared tools including table saw, metal & wood chop saw, band saw, drill press, a small CNC machine, a mill and several hand tools.

​We welcome you to bring your own equipment to share with other makers, so we can create a more robust and versatile working environment. Interested in renting space? Message us for more info & scheduling a tour.

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The Makery

A space for eco artists interested in a co-working environment. Are you a sewer, print maker, jeweler, or mixed media crafter or artist with an eco approach to material use or methods? We’d love to hear from you :)

We have shared tools, supplies, industrial sewing machines, sergers and more. ​Rent a space with memberships from $50 to $100/mo. Message us for more to schedule a tour, or learn more.

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