Shelter in PLACE

Where we've been since COVID-19

As a vibrant East Bay community space, PLACE has an important role to play in building networks of wellness, resilience, co-creation, mutual aid, and solidarity – and that intention has been made clearer to us since COVID-19, in light of the deeply felt distancing.

Remaining a Resource

We’ve been reimagining community connection across new spaces, to continue to offer resources to you and all our loved ones in this time. We've been working with grassroots sister organizations to grow and create herbal medicines to support immunity for our elders, neighbors, and friends, and to distribute food to those who need it. We co-wrote this statement on COVID-19, militarism, and community safety. We've been sharing videos and information around community resiliency, wellness and immunity, medicine making, political organizing, and more. AND we're going digital with our events & workshops!

We're asking for your generosity to help us continue to carry this work.

Revenue Loss

PLACE relies on revenue generated from having a physical space to host our classes, events, memberships, community functions, and our studio rentals. Without our usual events, workshops, and classes, we have seen a 75% drop in revenue. We are turning to our community to ask for support to help us cover our operational costs, and continue to serve the greater community. We are open to feedback as to other ways that could look!