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Bochs Display Library Sdl Not Available

to install Bochs and the X11 plugin (which may crash on ubuntu/linux mint: install the sdl plugin and use sdl instead of x as the display library in this case). Note that there is a big chance that the graphical debugger is not enabled in the binaries from the package manager.

Bochs Display Library Sdl Not Available

Thus I shifted to WSL( Windows Subsystem on Linux ), and it all went smooth until I ran the bochs simulator. It is throwing an error of Cannot connect to X display if I use X, or sdl library could not be found when I use sdl.

The model element has a mandatory type attribute which takes thevalue "vga", "cirrus", "vmvga", "xen", "vbox", "qxl" ( since 0.8.6), "virtio" ( since 1.3.0 ), "gop" ( since 3.2.0 ), "bochs"( since 5.6.0 ), "ramfb" ( since 5.9.0 ), or "none" (since 4.6.0 ), depending on the hypervisor features available.


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