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Roblox Script - Legends Of Speed Collect Orbs...

This script has inbuilt gui so you can easy turn on and off your features while using it. This roblox hack has lot of features as shown below but most of the features that are used in legends of speed script are auto race, auto farm, gems farm.

Roblox Script - Legends Of Speed | Collect Orbs...

Legends of Speed script features a Roblox speed simulator game in which you may gather orbs, jump through hoops, acquire pets, unlock courses, planets that cost rebirths, levels, and races, and race your friends.

Legends Of Speed is a speed simulator game where you can collect orbs, go through hoops, collect pets, race your friends, unlock courses, worlds which will cost rebirths, levels, races. Gems has its own thing where you can buy pets and evolve them to have better stats. 041b061a72


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