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Hungry Girl Ebook Free Download [REPACK]

Reviewed by: Louisiana's Way Home by Kate Dicamillo Deborah Stevenson DiCamillo, Kate Louisiana's Way Home. Candlewick, 2018 [240p] ISBN 978-0-7636-9463-0 $16.99 Reviewed from galleys R* Gr. 4-6 Readers first met Louisiana Elefante in Raymie Nightingale (BCCB 4/16), where she became friends with Raymie Clarke and Beverly Tapinski when she turned up in their Florida town. Now twelve-year-old Louisiana is heartbroken to be on the move again when her grandmother, her only guardian, decides that it's time for them to take off without so much as a goodbye. Granny collapses when they get to Georgia, needing massive dental work, so they hole up in a little motel while she recovers. A lonely Louisiana, left on her own, makes friends with young Burke and forges ties with the local church, but then her world is upended more completely than she had ever imagined possible. Louisiana's narration gives a poignant look at the girl behind her guileless but fantastical stories, which are really just Louisiana's passing on what turn out to be her grandmother's creative obfuscations and delusions. Indeed, the main weight of the story is Granny's increasing dysfunction and its effect on Louisiana's life, as Louisiana cheerfully parrots deadbeat Granny's tips on how to blandish people into doing things for free and gulps down whatever food kind strangers provide the hungry girl. The tale is nonetheless gently told, as much fairy tale as realistic story, in language that's lovely in its plainspoken illuminations ("He was the kind of person who, if you asked him for one of something, gave you two instead"), with the focus on Louisiana's longing for connection and observations about the people she encounters on the road and in the small 1970s Georgia town. Ultimately this is a deeply sweet but not saccharine take on the old story of an orphan child lost and found, and readers won't have to know the first book to bond with Louisiana and wish fervently for her to find a home. DS

Hungry Girl Ebook Free Download

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Outside the church quite a hundred men were waiting, dirty types who had gathered from far and wide at the news of a free tea, like kites round a dead buffalo. Presently the doors opened and a clergyman and some girls shepherded us into a gallery at the top of the church. It was an evangelical church, gaunt and wilfully ugly, with texts about blood and fire blazoned on the walls, and a hymn-book containing twelve hundred and fifty-one hymns; reading some of the hymns, I concluded that the book would do as it stood for an anthology of bad verse. There was to be a service after the tea, and the regular congregation were sitting in the well of the church below. It was a week-day, and there were only a few dozen of them, mostly stringy old women who reminded one of boiling-fowls. We ranged ourselves in the gallery pews and were given our tea; it was a one-pound jam-jar of tea each, with six slices of bread and margarine. As soon as tea was over, a dozen tramps who had stationed themselves near the door bolted to avoid the service; the rest stayed, less from gratitude than lacking the cheek to go.

After nine days B.'s two pounds was reduced to one and ninepence. Paddy and I set aside eighteenpence for our beds, and spent threepence on the usual tea-and-two-slices, which we shared \u2014 an appetizer rather than a meal. By the afternoon we were damnably hungry and Paddy remembered a church near King's Cross Station where a free tea was given once a week to tramps. This was the day, and we decided to go there. Bozo, though it was rainy weather and he was almost penniless, would not come, saying that churches were not his style.

In the evening, after the free tea, Paddy unexpectedly earned another eighteenpence at \u2018glimming\u2019. It was exactly enough for another night's lodging, and we put it aside and went hungry till nine the next evening. Bozo, who might have given us some food, was away all day. The pavements were wet, and he had gone to the Elephant and Castle, where he knew of a pitch under shelter. Luckily I still had some tobacco, so that the day might have been worse.


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