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XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended - Nexus Mods

first published on the 17th of february 2019. updated on the 13th of july 2019. with the mods listed below, the new version of skyrim has been enhanced in countless ways, but the most noticeable change is the ability to dual-sheath. previous skyrim mods had the ability to dual sheath, but they were either skinned exclusively on the back or could only have the sheath on the back. xp32 maximum skeleton overcomes both of those problems.

xp32 maximum skeleton skyrim download for pc

as of skyrims pc version release in november, modders were made aware that they would be required to submit a new set of base mods that could be added to the game. these mods would allow for cross-platform compatibility with playstation 4 and xbox one users, and were the primary reason for mods liketamriel rebuilt becoming semi-banned in the games first year. mods such as knights of the nine, lor'themar, volatile animations, andelder scroll became removed from the base game due to concerns that they could not be updated to run on the new base.

other than that youll be fine, but keep in mind that unless it is already made, skyrim mods arent terribly optimized for skyrim, so your pc will run it fine. for skyrim mods, check out skyrim: the imaginarium and see how it goes.

this is the case with all the mods, im assuming they are compatible and once you do one you can do the others. you can find mods compatible for both consoles and the pc on or elder scrolls website, just make sure you install them in a specific order. you can also look up the skyrim mod database, a community maintained list of all the mods available for the game.


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