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Honeyland: il film nominato agli Oscar che racconta la vita delle api e della loro custode

Honeyland: A Documentary About a Beekeeper's Life and Struggle

If you are looking for a captivating and inspiring documentary to watch, you might want to check out Honeyland, a film that follows the life of Hatidže Muratova, one of Europe's last wild beekeepers. Honeyland is not only a beautiful portrait of a woman who lives in harmony with nature, but also a powerful story that explores the themes of environmental conservation, human conflict, and cultural diversity. In this article, we will tell you more about Honeyland, its plot, its messages, and its achievements.

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The Story of Hatidže Muratova

Hatidže Muratova is a Macedonian beekeeper of Turkish descent, who lives in the village of Bekirlija in the municipality of Lozovo. She is one of the last keepers of wild bees in Europe, using ancient methods passed down through the generations. She does not use any protective gear or artificial hives, but rather collects honey from natural rock formations where the bees nest. She lives by a simple principle: "Half for me, half for you", meaning that she only takes half of the honey and leaves the rest for the bees.

Hatidže lives in a remote mountainous area, where she has no access to electricity, running water, or roads. She shares her home with her 85-year-old mother Nazife, who is partly blind, bedridden, and dependent on her daughter. Hatidže earns a living by selling honey in the country's capital Skopje, which is four hours away from the village. She also cares for her other animals, such as her dog Jackie and her cats. She has a strong bond with her bees, whom she treats with respect and affection. She sings to them, talks to them, and even kisses them.

The Arrival of the Sam Family

Hatidže's quiet existence is changed when a nomadic family moves into the village. The Sam family consists of Hussein, his wife Ljutvie, their seven children, and their herd of cattle and chickens. They bring with them noise, chaos, and conflict. They also decide to try beekeeping as a way to make money, but they do not follow Hatidže's advice or respect her rules. They take all the honey from their hives, leaving nothing for the bees. They also place their hives too close to Hatidže's ones, causing competition and aggression among the bees.

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As a result, Hatidže's hives are attacked and destroyed by the Sam family's bees. Her honey production declines drastically, affecting her income and livelihood. She confronts Hussein about his actions, but he does not listen or apologize. He is under pressure from his buyer to produce more honey, as well as from his wife to provide for their family. He does not care about the consequences of his actions on Hatidže or on the environment.

The Sam family also faces problems due to their irresponsible behavior. Their cattle die from disease and starvation. Their children are neglected and endangered. Their buyer rejects their honey because it is low quality. They end up leaving the village in despair.

The Themes The Themes and Messages of Honeyland

Honeyland is not just a documentary about a beekeeper, but also a film that explores various themes and messages that are relevant to our modern world. Some of the themes and messages are:

  • The environmental issues of climate change, biodiversity loss, and natural resource depletion. Honeyland shows how human activities can have a negative impact on the environment, especially when they are driven by greed and ignorance. The film also shows how nature can be resilient and adaptable, but only if we respect its limits and balance. Hatidže's way of beekeeping is an example of sustainable and ethical use of natural resources, while the Sam family's way is an example of destructive and wasteful exploitation.

  • The human issues of survival, greed, and compassion. Honeyland shows how people struggle to survive in harsh and impoverished conditions, and how they cope with different challenges and choices. The film also shows how greed can lead to conflict and misery, while compassion can lead to harmony and happiness. Hatidže's character is an example of generosity and kindness, while the Sam family's character is an example of selfishness and cruelty.

  • The universal appeal of Hatidže's story and character. Honeyland shows how Hatidže's story and character can resonate with people from different backgrounds and cultures, as she represents the values of simplicity, dignity, and wisdom. The film also shows how Hatidže's story and character can inspire people to appreciate the beauty and diversity of life, and to act with respect and responsibility towards nature and other living beings.

The Making and Reception of Honeyland

Honeyland is a remarkable film that was made by a team of dedicated and talented filmmakers. The directors of the film are Ljubomir Stefanov and Tamara Kotevska, who are both from North Macedonia. They discovered Hatidže by chance when they were working on another project in the region. They were fascinated by her story and decided to make a documentary about her. They spent three years filming her life, using only natural light and sound. They did not interfere with her actions or influence her decisions. They also did not use any narration or interviews in the film, but rather let the images and sounds speak for themselves.

Honeyland is also a successful film that has received critical acclaim and awards from various festivals and organizations. The film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2019, where it won three awards: World Cinema Grand Jury Prize: Documentary, World Cinema Documentary Special Jury Award for Cinematography, and World Cinema Documentary Special Jury Award for Impact for Change. The film also became the first documentary ever to be nominated for both Best International Feature Film and Best Documentary Feature at the Academy Awards in 2020. The film has also been praised by critics and audiences for its stunning cinematography, captivating storytelling, and powerful message.


Honeyland is a documentary that you should not miss if you are interested in learning more about a unique culture, a fascinating person, and a vital issue. The film will take you on a journey to a remote corner of the world, where you will witness the beauty and the tragedy of life. The film will also challenge you to think about your own relationship with nature, with other people, and with yourself. Honeyland is a film that will make you laugh, cry, think, and act.

If you want to watch Honeyland, you can download it from various online platforms, such as Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, or Google Play. You can also buy or rent the DVD or Blu-ray from Amazon or other retailers. However you choose to watch it, we hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What language is Honeyland in?

Honeyland is in Turkish with English subtitles.

  • Where is Hatidže now?

Hatidže still lives in the same village with her mother. She continues to practice beekeeping and sell honey. She has also received some financial support from the filmmakers and other donors.

  • What happened to the Sam family?

The Sam family left the village after their failed attempt at beekeeping. They moved to another location where they tried to raise sheep. Their current situation is unknown.

  • What are the benefits of watching Honeyland?

Watching Honeyland can have many benefits, such as:

  • Learning about a different culture and lifestyle that is rare and endangered.

  • Gaining a deeper appreciation and respect for nature and its creatures.

  • Reflecting on your own values and choices and how they affect the world around you.

  • Being inspired by Hatidže's courage, resilience, and wisdom.

  • Enjoying a visually stunning and emotionally moving film that is both entertaining and educational.

  • How can I support Hatidže and her cause?

If you want to support Hatidže and her cause, you can do several things, such as:

Donating to the Honeyland Fund, which is a crowdfunding campaign that aims to help Hatidže an


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