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What is Draw No Bet? How to Play Draw No Bet Accurately

Online football betting is increasingly becoming a popular alternative to traditional betting. For beginners, understanding online betting terms and options can be challenging. In this article, introduces the concept of "Draw No Bet" and essential tips for newcomers.

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What is Draw No Bet?

Draw No Bet (DNB) is a form of soccer betting originating from Europe. When participating, players have only two options: betting on either the home team or the away team to win.

If the match ends in a draw, players will get their initial bet amount back. For this reason, this bet type is often referred to as "money-back" by the betting community.

Draw No Bet Explained

Draw No Bet (DNB) is also available in other sports events such as volleyball, basketball, American football, etc. Each sport has corresponding odds, making it convenient for players to decide on their bets.

Advantages of Draw No Bet

In Europe, Draw No Bet has become soccer best tip an indispensable part of the betting community. Conversely, in Asia, this type of bet is often less noticed by fans and players.

However, after reviewing its prominent benefits, your perspective might change:

Your winning odds are 50% with this bet because you only focus on the result of win or lose; if the match ends in a draw, your bet amount will be refunded.

Due to its safety, the risk of failure is minimal. For players who are not psychologically strong or want to minimize risks, choosing this bet type is a wise choice.

The rules of playing Draw No Bet are straightforward, unlike other bet types. Players simply choose between betting on the home or away team.

To increase your chances of winning with Draw No Bet, it's essential to have a deep understanding of how to analyze betting odds in soccer. Otherwise, your winning chances may not be high.

Learn More: How to Play Draw No Bet?

In every soccer match, there are typically two teams involved: the home team and the away team. Instead of opting for Asian Handicap bets, players focus on betting on the team they believe will win.

For example, in a match between AC Milan and Manchester City, a player decides to bet on AC Milan to win. The final asian handicap tips outcome could unfold in the following scenarios:

If AC Milan wins, the player will receive the full betting amount as a reward.

If Manchester City wins, the player loses their entire bet amount.

In case of a draw, will refund the entire betting amount to the player.

With high winning odds and attractive prize money, Draw No Bet is becoming the top choice for newcomers entering soccer betting.

How to Calculate Draw No Bet Winnings?

As a type of betting game originating from Europe, Draw No Bet introduces some changes in its operations. To help players better understand how Draw No Bet works, here's an example:

Suppose a player decides to use 1 million VND to bet on a match between Liverpool and Tottenham. The player divides this amount into two parts: 700,000 VND for Liverpool to win and 300,000 VND for a draw, as follows:

If Liverpool wins, the player will receive the winning amount of 650,000 VND, calculated at odds of 2.6, totaling 1,820,000 VND. The profit gained will be 690,000 VND (1,820,000 - 1,000,000).

If Tottenham wins, the player loses the entire bet amount of 1 million VND.

In case the match ends in a draw, the betting company will refund the entire bet amount to the player.

Based on this example, we can see that calculating winnings when participating in Draw No Bet is not difficult, and the reward rate is quite attractive. This method typically offers players opportunities to win and minimizes risks to the maximum extent. However, it's worth noting that the profit margin may be lower compared to other bet types.

If you are passionate about sports betting but often encounter unexpected results, you may not be applying the correct playing methods. Quickly refer to online soccer betting tips to improve your betting instincts and enhance your effectiveness.

Best Practices for Playing Draw No Bet

Despite being considered an easy option, Draw No Bet still carries the risk of losing if players do not grasp some tricks from experienced gamblers.

Choose matches with a noticeable difference in skill levels between teams. Then, bet on the stronger team to maximize your chances of winning.

In cases where the stronger team fails to win and cannot secure a victory, the possibility of a draw is still high, especially compared to matches between equally strong teams.

Analyze information about both teams. The first step before participating in any betting form is to grasp information about the match. This is one of the main factors influencing your results and victories.

Evaluate carefully the information related to the match, players, and team style through reputable review sources. This helps you have a comprehensive view and make the most accurate decisions about the situation of the two teams.

Analyze the Betting Odds from Betting Companies

Each betting company offers buy premium soccer tips different Draw No Bet odds, which often change constantly. Therefore, analyze the odds through the betting odds board of many different companies. This helps you choose a reputable betting company that provides the best and most suitable betting experience for your individual needs.

Combine with Other Bet Types

Full Match Handicap Bet.

First team to score/ no goals scored/ last team to score bet.

First player to score/ last player to score bet.

Moreover, you can apply these tips to get a comprehensive view of the upcoming split-ball bet.


In this article, has introduced what Draw No Bet is and shared useful betting tips for newcomers. With simple gameplay, high winning odds, and attractive prize rates, this bet type is considered a safe and quality choice for everyone.


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