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The outbreak of the pandemic has brought everything to a halt, causing damage to human lives, economies, and almost everything else during this period. Many governments around the world have had to issue lockdown orders and implement the policy of "stay where you are". And we can't predict anything during this time, maintaining health and protecting ourselves and our families to overcome the pandemic is crucial.

Have you ever wondered what soccer players do to maintain their fitness during times of disease outbreak and social distancing, and how they keep themselves physically fit and in shape until they return to the field? Well, the answer is right in this article. Specifically, football prediction and analysis during this time always have to have a personal training schedule planned by the club's fitness coaches, home exercises are often simpler and easier to perform, and the training intensity will be suitable for all players. So let's start warming up before starting the basic workouts that you can apply at home to improve your health during this pandemic.


Full-body exercises are one of the simplest and easiest exercises to do because you can do them anywhere and anytime, and your entire body will be warmed up and developed when doing this exercise. The main muscle groups that this exercise develops are the upper body, legs, and abdomen. A typical face that always applies this exercise is the forward of the Argentina national team and Manchester City Club Segio Aguero when he applies exercises at home during the pandemic. Let's take a look at the video below:


Cycling exercises with a stationary bike at home or you can use your own bike can also be easily applied with this exercise. Many players have used this method instead of endurance running exercises due to its simplicity and high applicability in social distancing situations. And you don't need to cycle at a very fast speed, just pedal lightly and slowly to maintain a steady heartbeat and increase endurance for your legs, perform cycling for 30 minutes, 45 minutes, and 1 hour each day. If you don't have much time for cycling, you can reduce the exercise time to just 15 or 20 minutes depending on your preference and availability. All you achieve in this exercise is a comfortable body, increase endurance for your legs, and sometimes you should also try to maximize speed to test your limits like 40 seconds at medium speed and 20 seconds at maximum speed. Give it a try!


This may be exercises for upper body support muscle groups such as the abdomen, buttocks, and sides, improving the muscle groups in these areas helps increase and improve the movement ability of players, making them agile and quick in narrow spaces. Players with impressive speed and agility like Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane, they all have to exercise these muscle group exercises regularly. Physical fitness expert Kornmayer is the coach for Liverpool players' exercises last season, he is also the one who regularly participates in exercises to improve players' performance and the UEFA Champion League title is the clearest evidence for the important role of this physical fitness coach. And you prepare yourself a round ball and perform the following exercises: Warming up and getting used to it will be very important because it will be very useful and supportive for this exercise. Practice simple movements first and then increase the intensity of the exercise.

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Exercises to increase leg muscles, improve foot reflexes. Maintaining the speed of your feet or flexibility over a long period is extremely difficult for any player. However, doing the exercises will help players maintain the condition of their legs, Paul Pogba will guide you on how to have strong legs like this: The exercises are extremely simple and easy to do right in your own home: short shuttle runs, dribble to the target and then complete a round on the specialized ladder (a ladder used to serve for the player's foot reflex) and then shoot or pass with force depending on your goal.


Exercises that most of you will like but to perform, the space is not in your home but in the garden or a place with a considerable area to perform the shots. The requirements for shot power and shot targets will be set by you to challenge your abilities and you should have two people to coordinate and perform the exercises easily. The captain of the England team and forward of Tottenham Harry Kane will show you how to perform good shots. The exercises you can do through the video: How to turn and aim when you turn your back, run before shooting and importantly the accuracy of the shots. Harry Kane shares: "Low shots are always the shots that goalkeepers are easily beaten, there are still shots towards the far corner of the goal, extremely beautiful and accurate."


Some players have a simple playing football tips net style depending on their own speed, and they always improve their strongest abilities, with speed and acceleration exercises will make your feet able to run well and fast. Exercises such as high-speed obstacle crossing, dribbling through interspersed squares, and sprinting to marked points. To increase the speed of your feet as well as limit yourself, you can try these exercises because they are extremely simple and easy to perform.

Finally, the pandemic will not weaken us when we know how to protect ourselves, maintaining a healthy body every day is how we push back the pandemic, the above exercises are simple exercises you can do right at home and easily control the training intensity. Let's push back the pandemic and have enough health, spend time with your family.


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