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Hath Mei Mehendi Mang Sindurwa: A Bhojpuri Song That Celebrates Love and Marriage

Bhojpuri is a language spoken in parts of India, Nepal, and the Caribbean. It is known for its rich culture, literature, and music. Bhojpuri songs are popular for their lively beats, catchy lyrics, and expressive emotions. One of the most famous Bhojpuri songs is Hath Mei Mehendi Mang Sindurwa, which means "Give me henna and vermilion in my hands".

Hath Mei Mehendi Mang Sindurwa is a song that celebrates the joy of love and marriage. It is sung by a bride who asks her groom to adorn her with henna and vermilion, which are symbols of marital status and happiness in Hindu culture. The song also describes the rituals and ceremonies that take place during a wedding, such as exchanging garlands, taking vows, and circling the sacred fire.

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The song was released in 2020 by Khusbu Raj, a Bhojpuri singer who has sung many hit songs in the genre. The song is from the album Hath Mei Mehendi Mang Sindurwa, which was produced by Prayag Music-T. The song has a duration of 7:16 minutes and has a fast tempo and a festive mood. The song has been viewed over 15 million times on YouTube and has received positive feedback from the listeners.

If you want to listen to Hath Mei Mehendi Mang Sindurwa, you can download it from JioSaavn or Raaga, which are online platforms that offer Bhojpuri songs. You can also watch the video of the song on YouTube, which features colorful costumes, dance moves, and wedding scenes. Hath Mei Mehendi Mang Sindurwa is a song that will make you feel the happiness and excitement of a Bhojpuri wedding.


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