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Certain therapies aim to kill healthy cells as well as the malicious, and in the same manner societies treat their own citizens to horrors while attempting to achieve some good.Reem, a newlywed with a baby girl, visits her favorite salon where her coffee is spiked and she is blackmailed into providing information on her neighbors for Israel. Soon thereafter, before Reem can decide what to do, her handler is captured by Palestinians. Reem is out of the frying pan and into the fire.Huda's Salon is the true story of people trying to survive in the walled city of Bethlehem, on the West Bank. Women are especially vulnerable in this society poisoned by betrayal and violence since at least 1967. Who to trust comes down to who people fear the most. The film is enthralling for the truths it reveals about a community that represses itself and where people are compromised in multiple ways. While the acting is not top tier, it is believable. From the director of Paradise Now.

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