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Madden 24 coins: How to Throw a Lob Pass.

In Madden 24, various types of passes are available, including the Lob pass. From Lateral Passes to Touch Passes, each one has its uses, but being able to execute a Lob pass can make the difference during key moments. In Madden 24, passing dominates the running game, meaning having every tool at your disposal is vital when in possession with a Quarter-Back.

The most common pass in Madden 24 is the Bullet pass, which fires the ball directly at the receiver as quickly as possible. This is effective in many scenarios when you want the ball to get to its target as quickly as possible, but there are times when the Lob pass is the most effective. You can increase your accuracy with Lob passes when using one of the highest-rated QBs in Madden 24.

How To Throw a Lob Pass In Madden 24.

While some moves in Madden 24 are hard to execute, the Lob pass is straightforward. When your Quarter-Back drops back to throw, all the available receivers will have icons above their heads. When you press one of these buttons, that receiver will be targeted with the ball.

By simply tapping the corresponding button for a certain player, the QB will throw a lob pass to that receiver. If the button is held, a Bullet Pass will be executed, but a quick press will attempt a Lob pass. The Lob pass can additionally be tweaked in Madden 24 by holding L1/LB to execute a high Lob pass or pushing the left stick down to perform a low Lob pass.

When To Throw a Lob Pass In Madden 24.

Lob Passes can be dangerous as it gives the defense more time to react and get to the ball leading to more interceptions. However, Lob passes are effective when thrown into space. For any long downfield pass, the Lob pass is the most effective as it will float the ball behind any covering defenders.

Combining this with a lighting fast Wide Receiver can lead to many easy touchdowns with long plays regardless of what mode is played, from Ultimate Team to a Fantasy Draft in cheap madden nfl 24 coins. The Lob Pass is a vital weapon in your arsenal and can make a big difference on the field when looking to score points on the board.To learn more about Madden 24, including discounts and promotions, visit for complete coverage.


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