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Umiya Mataji Ki Aarti Mp3 Download

Umiya Mataji Ki Aarti Mp3 Download

Umiya Mataji is the patron deity of the Kadva Patidar community, who worship her as the mother goddess and the source of all energy. Umiya Mataji is also known as Umiya Maa, Umiyaji, and Umiyeshwari. She is believed to be the consort of Lord Shiva and the manifestation of Goddess Parvati. Umiya Mataji is revered for her power, wisdom, and compassion.

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One of the ways to express devotion to Umiya Mataji is by singing or listening to her aarti, which is a hymn of praise and prayer. Aarti is usually performed at the end of a puja or worship ceremony, in which a lamp or a plate with a flame is waved in front of the deity. Aarti is also sung during festivals and special occasions, such as Navratri, Diwali, and Rath Yatra.

There are many versions of Umiya Mataji's aarti in different languages, such as Gujarati, Hindi, and English. Some of the popular ones are:

  • Umiya Maa Ni Aarti: This is a Gujarati song sung by Kinjal Dave, a famous folk singer from Gujarat. The song praises Umiya Mataji as the mother of the universe, who fulfills the wishes of her devotees and protects them from all evils. The song also describes the beauty and glory of Umiya Mataji's temple in Unjha, Gujarat, which is one of the most visited pilgrimage sites for Kadva Patidars. The song can be downloaded from [JioSaavn].

  • Maa Umiya: This is another Gujarati song sung by Manu Rabari, a popular singer and composer from Gujarat. The song expresses gratitude and love to Umiya Mataji, who blesses her children with happiness and prosperity. The song also invokes Umiya Mataji's grace and mercy for the welfare of the world. The song can be downloaded from [Maa Umiya].

  • Umiya Mataji Aarti: This is a Hindi song sung by Anuradha Paudwal, a renowned playback singer and devotional music artist from India. The song praises Umiya Mataji as the supreme goddess, who bestows wisdom, wealth, and health to her devotees. The song also requests Umiya Mataji to remove all obstacles and difficulties from their lives. The song can be downloaded from [Umiya Mataji].

These are some of the examples of Umiya Mataji's aarti mp3 download options available online. However, one should always remember that listening to or singing aarti is not enough to please Umiya Mataji. One should also follow her teachings and values, such as honesty, generosity, courage, and devotion. Only then can one attain her blessings and grace.


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