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Armand Hammer Race Music Zippyshare Music [NEW]

[Underground Hip Hop is an umbrella term for Hip Hop music outside the general commercial canon. It is typically associated with independent artists, signed to independent labels, or no label at all. Underground Hip Hop is often characterized by socially conscious, positive, or anti-commercial lyrics.]

Armand Hammer Race Music Zippyshare Music


We are sisters; we are family. This image was achieved through our trust and love, embodied in our togetherness as artists and close friends. We drank a lot of coffee and took most of the photos for the album artwork with Lyra laying on the floor, listening to different wild and sensual music. We have so much fun together!

So far none of that stuff sounds like techno (the proper genre) Artists like DJ Rush, surgeon, dave clark, miss kitten play techno. Best to look into what techno actually is :)Take a look at for an informative pretty good guide on different genres of elevtronic music.

Take a look at for an informative pretty good guide on different genres of elevtronic music. Heh, the tutorial's brilliant.edit: so is the rest of the guide. Finally understand some of the sub genres. Thanks for the link.

early 90's CJ Bolland Aaah ... the 4th sign ... the milestone in electronic music .... *bows to Mr Bolland* Techno?? I loved the Trezor series (No3 was great). Joey BeltramJeff Mills, Dave Clark, DJ Hell, more more more ...

It's not Aphex Twin - Come To Daddy is it?(Except the lyrics went Come To Daddy, not Come To Pappa.. it also featured lyrics like "I want your soul. I need your soul.")EDIT: Here it is on Youtube. One of my favourite music videos of all time. Directed by Chris Cunningham, I have it on DVD

hey guys, im sure you can help me,i love the music of the 90's.i made a short movie of myself with a very good song.but now i cant remember the songname,and that is pretty sad because it is a great song.

You are great. I found lot of my old fav songs through this forum. But I am still looking for a great digital music, techno/electronic, it had animated video of tower speakers. The music was in late 90s and it was full of bass, and an electronic "oud" like instrument music sounding sharper tone than a guitar and is smaller in size. It has been around 5-7 years I am looking for this music since my harddrive crashed. The first time I listend to this was on MTV in 1997.

Early classics include "For An Angel" by Paul van Dyk, music by Matt Darey, Planet Perfecto, Oakenfold, BT (Flaming June!), Paul van Dyk's work before Reflections, Tiesto's Magik Flight series, Ministry of Sound's Trance Nation 1-4, works by Robert Miles, work by ATB (9pm Til I Come), Sash's albums before Trilenium, vocal work by Jan Johnston, Tina Cousins...

And that's pretty much what I haven't said already. if you like early dance music, don't stick to trance. Early House, Techno, Trance etc was all good as was the Hi-NRG stuff. Go, find it, enjoy it :D

I am desperately looking for a 90ies song, since ... many years ! I can't find it mainly because I never really understood the lyrics, as I listened to it when I was a kid, and once 2 years ago in a mall (I ran to the information desk but they were not "musically oriented" and didn't care about what was playing :p)

There's this song I heard in early 2k so it was probably a 90s song. It was trancey, like in a spaceship or something. There was a lady's voice warning people (like an "abandon ship" recording) over the music.

I got it when 32MB of RAM was A LOT... on a Mac OS 6.1! by searching for "rave music" and got 100s of hits most of which were garbage so I deleted em. But I kept that "13... 13... 13...". Until the computer died and I lost it.

i hope i hope i hope someone can help me! this has been driving me nuts for a long time! i'm looking for a crazy video from the 90s, dance/techno/electronic. it was popular enough to get onto muchmusic in canada at least three times.

From my young age I remember a animated music video of 2 drummer with different seasons changing in the video. The music is/was very popular drum beats. I have heard it many places later, but I can't recollect the band's name. As I remember it, there is no vocals, mostly drums only, but its very catchy. Can anyone recollect the music band? I know its difficult question, but in case if anyone can remember it would good. I would like to hear that again.

Hi all, I wonder if ya can all help me. I'm looking for a song " Don't go for me, your fantasy" the group ripped off Yazoo with the music and put a heavy beat in it. the lyrics mostly repeated.... don't go for me your fantasy quote a few times....Ive been looking for years....... Heeeeelp pleeeez

My contributions to this thread are taken from the first couple of Wipeout games. Great albums that helped push video games and electronic music into the mainstream. They're really worth checking out in their entirety and have a number of big name artists of the time (Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, FSOL etc) as well as an in-house guy who published under the name of "Cold Storage" who was consistently excellent.

This thread brings back so many childhood memories, but also a lot of great new discoveries. Never thought there was so much more to my favourite era and genre of music! My CD collection is only a drop in ocean.

Both from 1996 I believe.They were the remixes which turned the songs into dance hits in Aus and elsewhere. The original versions were Pop music. Certainly in some places such as Australia these official remixes were released as if they were the original version I think.

Wild FM was an institution in Dance music here in Aus whilst it lasted. You can pretty much go back to their discs and find stuff that took years to make commercial efforts to make it to our shores. A great example is the Bomfunk MCs who had a track on Wild 10? which ended up getting a proper release here some 2-3 years later.

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