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Ken Marcus Glass Dildo

You have to do these biker missions before you can finish Love Fist'sjobs, so let's go over these now. Mitch won't let you do any jobsuntil you've proven you can ride a hog. I suggest trying to finda PCJ 600 (may be in the glass showcase across the street from the bar)or a Freeway. The Angel is nice looking, but the other two are faster. Get to the starting point and the race begins. You need to get tothe checkpoints as fast as possible, and wreck as little as possible! Use R1 braking for the corners so you don't lose as much speed. Youcan't get rid of your opponents, so don't waste your time. If yourlucky, they may crash along the way, giving you a better lead. Youneed to finish in first place to beat this mission. Have fun ridingthose cycles at fast speeds!

ken marcus glass dildo


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