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Pathfinder Adventure Path UPD

An Adventure Path is a series of interlinked adventures (campaign) for tabletop role-playing games which can be played in succession and lead characters to advance from lower to higher levels, through a particular path of events.

Pathfinder Adventure Path

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While campaigns exist for many role-playing game systems, the specific term Adventure Path discussed here applies to published adventures for the Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder fantasy roleplaying games. Adventure Paths in opposition to normal campaigns usually have an own setting and rule set apart from the basic rules and settings.

Pathfinder Adventure Path is a series of monthly 96-page publications released by Paizo Inc. Each volume consists of one segment of a three- or six-part series of adventures linked together by a story arc and theme. In addition to the main adventure, each issue also features support articles on the Pathfinder campaign setting, new monsters, and (through the end of the Strange Aeons Adventure Path) serial Pathfinder's Journal fiction.

Each Adventure Path includes a free Player's Guide that provides a spoiler-free overview of the path, as well as tips and content to help players create characters for the campaign. Some Pathfinder Campaign Setting and Pathfinder Player Companion products are released in concert with specific Adventure Paths to provide related setting context and rules options.

Each path is intended to take a party of characters from 1st level to upwards of 15th level over the course of the series, but individual adventures can be run independent of the overall path should a GM wish to do so.

Strange Aeons In a distant land polluted by an alien menace from beyond the stars, a great cancer grows within the earth. As its tendrils reach out through the dreams of those who learn and study its existence, a sinister cult grows more active in preparing the way for a devastation that will destroy more than the minds of would-be heroes. Can the adventures reclaim lost memories in time to stop the advance of a cataclysmic contagion that could threaten all of Golarion? Can they resist the mind-shattering truths revealed by the Yellow Sign, and the monstrous force it symbolizes? The Strange Aeons Adventure Path pits the heroes against the cosmic horrors of the Cthulhu Mythos, with new monsters, mind-shattering terrors, and explorations far beyond the known lands of Golarion.

Ruins of Azlant Thousands of years ago, a barrage of meteors called forth from the vastness of space by humanity's greatest enemies rained down on Golarion, cutting short the remarkable human empire of Azlant while plunging the world into an era of darkness. Since then, the shattered continent of Azlant has lured intrepid explorers to its broken shores, but few have the mettle to survive in the remains of this dangerous and mysterious land. Now, a hopeful expedition has established a colony on one of the nearest islands across the sea, but danger has struck the fledgling settlement. An ancient enemy was accidently released from its prison and has resumed its millennium-old machinations to punish the hubris of humanity once again. Can the adventurers survive in a faraway land and track down this enigmatic being before its sinister plans can come to fruition?

The time has come again for the Ruby Phoenix Tournament! The sorcerer Hao Jin has invited only the strongest martial artists, adventurers, and fortune seekers to her world-famous fighting competition.

A Pathfinder Adventure Path is a series of 6 monthly 96-page softcover books. Each of the 6 individual volumes provides one part of an adventure path, as well as several fantastic background articles to help GMs implement the adventure path. The 6 parts have a connecting theme and story that links all the parts into one epic campaign that starts at 1st level and takes players to the mid to high teens, or even level 20.

Curse of the Crimson Throne (February 2008) Whereas RotR was a romp across the countryside, Curse of the Crimson Throne (CotCT) is a city-based adventure steeped in duplicitous intrigue. CotCT has also received an updated hardback re-release that is just as impressive as RotR.

The storyline features a beautiful queen who has ascended to the throne of Korvosa, a key city in Golarion. The adventure takes players from the seedy underbelly of the city all the way to the throne room itself, then introducing cool new encounters for players, such as rules for chases across rooftops.

Second Darkness (August 2008) This AP begins in the grimy streets of the town of Riddleport, then takes a tonal shift at the start of book 3 as the adventurers interact with drow, the dark elves of the Darklands (Underdark).

Legacy of Fire (February 2009) Legacy of Fire (LoF) was the last AP to use the Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 rules set, as those that follow fully utilize the very similar yet updated Pathfinder rules. Legacy of Fire was also the first AP to really show off the variety of adventure types that are possible in Golarion.

The Council of Thieves (CoT) is a gritty, urban adventure of organized crime, corrupt officials, and ancient curses that culminates in the heroes facing down the hordes of Hell itself.

Skull and Shackles (February 2012) This is the Pathfinder pirate adventure that allows players to command their very own pirate fleet, battling rival scalawags for plunder. This AP (along with JR) is when Paizo really began to fully support their APs, releasing oodles of map packs, painted miniatures, and more.

Iron Gods (August 2014) is an homage to Barrier Peaks, a classic D&D adventure. It takes place in Numeria, a region of Golarion that long ago hosted an event called the Rain of Stars that scarred the land.

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Alkenstar felt like a breath of fresh air when it first came out, showcasing what the creators over at Paizo could do once they stretch their creative muscles. Even if it had a weak start, none can deny the amount of love poured into this western steampunk adventure.

Kingmaker's latest edition aims to bring the beloved Adventure Path from the first edition of Pathfinder to its second edition with all the new bells and whistles attached to it. It's an incredibly well-written adventure with a strong storyline, memorable NPC encounters, alongside a ton of player agency.

The only reason it falls low here is that it's essentially an import of the Adventure Path from the first edition and not exclusive to 2e. Regardless of whether you follow this adventure by the books or tweak and modify it as per your favorite system, there's no denying that Kingmaker is the quintessential Pathfinder experience.

And yet, that's not even the best part about it. Adventure Paths that focus on one thing end up weaker in other things. The same could've been said for Abomination Vaults, were it not for its strong story and consistent structure. If you haven't played it yet, now is the time to do so and enjoy a Diablo-Esque adventure in Pathfinder.

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Pathfinder Adventure Paths are the premiere resource for your tabletop roleplaying campaign! Each 96-page volume belongs to a series of interconnected adventures that together comprise a fully developed campaign of sweeping scale and epic challenges. Players have the opportunity to develop deeply customizable characters, meet interesting NPCs, and visit fantastic locations within the Lost Omens setting. Each installment is forged by some of the best authors and artists in fantasy gaming. What's more, every Pathfinder Adventure Path volume includes an NPC gallery, several new monsters, and detailed support articles.

the easiest and frankly economical way to get my Pathfinder fix. The discount from the adventure path, the subscribers advantage and the 10 discount on shipping over 100$ makes this a no brainer. I see myself being a subscriber for many years to come.

I started subscribing with the release of Kingmaker and have not been disappointed. With 25 years of gaming experience to draw from, I've found the AP subscription to be among the very best RPG products out there. Each issue is packed with an incredible amount of useful goodness, all for less than 20 bucks (including shipping). Content generally includes a 50ish page adventure wth a bunch of additional material (e.g. description of a region, mini-bestiary, new rules, short stories, etc). Highly recommended!

At least it did for me. Ages back I took a chance with this product when the first issue of "Rise of the Runelords" began. Since then I have looked forward to checking my mail. Each book contains a portion of a massive plot arc that advances players 3 levels (so book one takes you from level 1 to the start of level 4, book two from level 4 to level 7 and so on). After the adventure path portion you will find an in depth look at some portion of the Pathfinder RPG that pertains to the adventure path, be it a detail on a particular god or location. Up next is a delightful story written by a member of the Pathfinder Society, then a mini bestiary.

I plan on subscribing to the Pathfinder series. The adventure paths was always one of my favorite features from Dungeon Magazine and frankly, along with the comics and articles at the end of the magazine would be the only parts that I would take from Dungeon anyway. I can see that Wayne Reynolds is providing the artwork so I can already tell this will be a quality product. I can't wait for the first installment. 041b061a72


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