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IOS 13 Will Reportedly Include Four New Animoji Characters

Apple has released two new ads that use Animoji to sing Grammy nominated songs, as spotted by Adweek. The exclusive iPhone X feature has been very popular and also controversial as some see it as gimmicky. Apple has just added an additional four Animoji characters in iOS 11.3.

iOS 13 will reportedly include four new Animoji characters

Animoji are designed to work on devices with a TrueDepth camera system, which now includes modern iPhone and iPad Pro models. Animoji are animated, 3D emoji characters that you control with your face.

There are a total of 24 Animoji now, including the four new ones. Existing Animoji include monkey, robot, cat, dog, alien, fox, poop, pig, panda, bunny, rooster, unicorn, lion, dragon, skull, bear, tiger, koala, t-rex, and ghost.

There are also several other smaller features worth noting in iOS 11.3. A new "For You" section in Apple News displays hand-picked content and top videos, support for Advanced Mobile Location (AML) offers a more accurate location when placing an emergency call in a supported country, software authentication for HomeKit is included to greatly expand the number of devices that can support HomeKit, to make it easier to find relevant people to follow. and a new Privacy screen and icon will show up whenever Apple asks you for info. The privacy screen is reflected in several new splash screens that pop up when you first open apps.

The release of iOS 11.3 includes support for Business Chat in the U.S., which will let you interface with businesses like Wells Fargo, Delta, Hilton and Lowe's right in the Messages app. Improvements have been made to security in Safari, Handoff and Universal Clipboard have been improved, there are new Accessibility features, and bug fixes for keyboards.

If you missed iOS 11.3, your iOS 11.4.1 update also includes a new privacy feature. When an Apple feature wants to use your personal information, an icon now appears with a link to access detailed information about how your data will be used and protected.

Snapchat announced a redesign in November 2017,[39] which proved controversial with many of its followers. CNBC's Ingrid Angulo listed some of the reasons why many disliked the update, citing that sending a snap and re-watching stories was more complicated, stories and incoming snaps were now listed on the same page, and that the Discover page now included featured and sponsored content.[40] A tweet sent by Kylie Jenner in February 2018, which criticized the redesign of the Snapchat app,[41] reportedly caused Snap Inc. to lose more than $1.3 billion in market value.[42][43] Over 1.2 million people signed a petition asking the company to remove the new app update.[44]

In June 2022, Snapchat announced plans to launch Snapchat Plus, a paid subscription model. The subscription will give users early access to features, the ability to change the app icon and see which users rewatch their stories.[48] In July 2022, the company reported that they had 347 million daily active users, an increase of 18% from the previous year.[49] In August 2022, Snapchat announced that Snapchat Plus has more 1 million subscribers as well as four new features to the subscription including priority replies, post-view emoji, new Bitmoji content, and new app icons.[50]

The new emoji include: characters with red hair, grey hair and curly hair, a new emoji for bald people, more emotive smiley faces and additional emoji representing animals, sports and food, according to Apple. There will also be new emoji for moon cake, llama, raccoon, and lobster.

Voice assistants have long defaulted to female voices. Siri has offerred the option to switch to a male voice since 2013, and the female voice will soon reportedly no longer be the default(Opens in a new window). But if you want to change up Siri's voice after the fact, go into Settings > Siri & Search > Siri Voice. In addition to a generic American female voice, you can select an Australian, British, Indian, Irish, or South African accent with a male or female voice. Or set the language, so even if they sound Irish, they'd use US phrases.

The Camera app includes a QR scanner, but for quick access, Apple has a hidden, standalone QR code scanner app. As Lifehacker notes(Opens in a new window), swipe down from the the top of the screen, type CodeScanner, and an app will appear. Tap it to open and snap a photo of a QR code.

gatorguy said: I think they'll eventually get there. Apple is pretty proud of the feature.In the meantime tho "Unlike home-made Animoji Karaoke videos, the Apple-produced ads are professionally animated, and include elements not easily possible for amateurs to reproduce." So this one was animated rather than using the Animoji feature apparently.Apple has a habit of featuring capabilities that others will follow, then, when ready, dropping the bombshell of how they really see the feature used. I think Animoji is a great example of this.

SAN FRANCISCO: Tech giant Apple will reportedly start mass shipments of next-generation AirPods which might cost $99 and new AirPods Max in the second half of next year or the first half of 2025.


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