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Share experience to play Asian Handicap in football betting

One of the popular forms of football betting is the Asian Handicap, also known as Handicap betting. This is a common type of bet offered by many casinos and online bookmakers. So, what exactly is Asian Handicap in football betting? How do you read Asian Handicap odds? Let's explore the details of each aspect right now.

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What is Asian Handicap?

Besides being referred to as Asian Handicap, it's also known as Handicap betting. This is a term used by many bookmakers when there is a difference in strength or ranking between two teams playing against each other. Asian Handicap was introduced to create a balance between the two competing teams.

Asian Handicap comes in two main forms: the goal handicap and the money handicap. Goal handicap is used when there is a significant difference in the betting odds between the upper and lower sides. This is then adjusted by assigning a handicap goal value. The most basic unit in Asian Handicap is ¼.

Since the introduction of Asian Handicap at bookmakers, it has gained widespread popularity among various bettors. The increasing daily website traffic is a testament to the value it brings to players. Therefore, don't hesitate to participate in football betting with Asian Handicap.

Summary of Typical Asian Handicap Levels

For those involved in football betting, it's essential to understand different types of handicaps. The handicap levels will vary based on how bookmakers assess the strength of the participating teams. Here are some typical Asian Handicap levels:

Full Match Handicap (Draw No Bet): This is where you bet on which team will win the match.

Half-Match Handicap (0.5): This is often referred to as "0.5 Asian Handicap," and it means the stronger team is handicapped by 0.5 goals.

First-Half Handicap (0.75): This is known as "0.75 Asian Handicap." In this case, the stronger team is handicapped by 0.75 goals.

1 Goal Handicap: This signifies a 1-goal handicap given by the stronger team to the weaker team. Reading Asian Handicap odds is not too difficult but can be confusing if you're not paying attention.

How to Read Asian Handicap Odds

In addition to the general introduction to Asian Handicap as mentioned above, here is a detailed guide on how to read Asian Handicap odds.

Asian Handicap 0.25 (or ¼ goal)

This is also known as the "0.25 Asian Handicap." In this type of bet, the stronger team is handicapped by 0.25 goals. If the stronger team wins, the bet on the handicap side wins. If the stronger team loses, the handicap bet loses. In the case of a draw, the handicap side loses half of the bet, and the other half is returned to the bettor.

These are the basics of Asian Handicap betting in football. Understanding these handicaps and odds can help you make informed bets and potentially win big in football betting.

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Half-Goal Handicap

In the context of half-goal handicap, also known as the 0.5 goal handicap, this type of bet involves the away team giving a 0.5 goal advantage to the other team.

If the handicapped team wins the match, the handicap bet wins. If the handicapped team loses the match, the handicap bet loses as well.

In the event of a draw, the bet placed on the handicapped team wins the bet.

Three-Quarter Goal Handicap (0.75)

Besides being referred to as the half-goal handicap, it's also known as the 0.75 goal handicap. In this case, the handicapped team needs to give a 0.75 goal advantage to the underdog team.

The handicap bet wins the full amount if the remaining match results in at least two wins. If the result of the handicapped team matches the result of a win or draw, the handicap bet wins the entire amount.

If the handicapped team loses, the winning team receives half of the bet, and the handicapped team loses the other half.

One-Goal Handicap

Another type of handicap in football betting discussed in this article is the one-goal handicap. This is a form of handicap where the stronger team gives the weaker team a 1-goal advantage. If the handicapped team wins by a difference of at least 2 goals, the handicap bet wins. If the handicapped team loses or draws, the handicap bet wins. If the handicapped team wins, both teams receive a refund. This concept applies to similar handicaps like 2-goal, 3-goal, 4-goal, and so on.

Overall, the content shared in this article revolves around the question of 'What is Asian Handicap in football betting?' We hope readers now have a better understanding of the various forms of Asian Handicap.

Tips for Choosing Your Bets

Firstly, to choose the right bets for the home or away team, you need to carefully observe the odds for all the matches throughout the day, typically 3-4 hours before the official match begins. Then, 30 minutes to an hour after the match starts, reevaluate and check the handicap odds movement.

In many special cases, players can place handicap bets by combining tips from experts:

When a strong team plays against a weaker one with a 0.5-goal handicap, choose the weaker team because the handicap is minimal and the strength difference is not significant.

If both teams appear equally matched, choose the away team.

If the handicap points decrease and the bets decrease 30 minutes before the match starts, choose the other teams.

If your handicap odds decrease by 0.25 but your bet increases accordingly before the match, choose the lower-rated team because the bookmakers have high expectations for this match.

If the 1x2 odds are increasing and the Asian Handicap odds remain stable, choose the home team.

If the 1x2 odds don't change while the Asian market slightly rises, choose the lower-rated teams.

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