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Download Google Play Game App

Playing your favorite game while out and about has never been easier thanks to a wide portal simply known as Google Play Games. You can read reviews, keep up with the latest news and download platforms within seconds.

Download Google Play Game App

The Saved Games service gives you a convenient way to saveyour players' game progression to Google's servers. Your game can retrieve thesaved game data to allow returning players to continue a game at their lastsave point from any device.

The Saved Games service makes it possible to synchronize a player's game dataacross multiple devices. For example, if you have a game thatruns on Android, you can use the Saved Games service toallow a player to start a game on their Android phone, and thencontinue playing on a tablet without losing any of their progress. This servicecan also be used to ensure that a player's game playcontinues from where it left off even if their device is lost, destroyed, ortraded in for a newer model.

The Saved Games service provides a visual user experience in addition topersistence features. You are strongly encouraged to associate representativeimages with corresponding save files. If you are using the default Saved Gameslist user interface (UI) provided by the Play Games SDK in your game, the UIwill display these cover images. The cover images may also appear in theGoogle Play Games app.

Your game can still read and write to a saved game when the player's device isoffline, but will not be able to sync with Google Play games services untilnetwork connectivity is established. Once reconnected, Google Play games servicesasynchronously updates the saved game data on Google's servers.

Home: At the top, all your previously played games are shown. Then comes the instant play apps section which is normally highlighted as the top three instant plays. Instant play apps are played without any additional downloads or installs. Just click and play. Users can play google built-in games on the home screen with a single tap.

Library: You can find all your previously played and downloaded games in the Google Play Games library. All the games that are currently on your device along with the ones that you have removed appear in this tab. You can download the uninstalled games with a single tap.

Hub: Hub shows all your game progress for different games. In this section, users can view the latest game updates from other players and developers. So for the latest news go for a quick scroll through the hub. It will hold all the related videos and your recently achieved game awards.

Overall, Google Play Games is an excellent product. The implementation has been amazing. It provides gamers with a customized dashboard to keep track of gaming activity and interact with other players from around the world. Since new-generation console games and PC games have similar dashboards for most platforms, Google Play Games is a must-have.


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