7:00 pm

Thrive Street Choir Song Circle

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Dear Music Makers & Lovers of Life,

Join us for our monthly Song Circle as we gather to sing and celebrate this life together. We will share songs of all kinds in the oral tradition. In this way, we keep the ancients alive, our movements vital, and we sing the songs of future ones.

WHEN: Sunday, November 17 from 7:00pm - 9:00pm

WHERE: PLACE for Sustainable Living 1121 64th Street, Oakland, California 94608

CONTRIBUTION: We will pass a basket for donations to support our venue and basic costs. The suggested donation is $10.

CO-FACILITATOR: Orion S. Johnstone

The ingredients are simple:

A Song Circle = You + _______
- An instrument (yes, your voice counts!)
- A song or two or zero to offer to the circle (to be taught as a group song)
- A friend who has been longing to sing & make music
- A snack, beverage, or dessert to share in community (please eat dinner before)
- A chair and/or blanket to sit on

We look forward to seeing you there!

~the Thrive East Bay & Thrive Street Choir team

*Songs at our song circles are short songs taught in the oral tradition. You don't need to know anything in order to come! If you would like to share a song, we suggesting finding (or writing) a song that is eight lines or less.


November 17, 2019


1121 64th St, Oakland, CA 94608


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