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Movementality, Movement, & Improvisation Based Performance Labs

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After a successful Movementality first series, we are happy to present
Movementality Series 2 !!!

Movementality is meant to help you understand, play and communicate with your body, emotions and others.

Movementality is used as performance, public relations and presencing skills but also as a metaphorical life experience on how we relate and show up in the world.

We use movement, theatrical games, somatics, personal dance, words, acting skills, text, improvisation, and creative contact.

For people of all experiential levels and walks of life.

4 Modules :

Module 1
May 16
Showing Up.
How do I show up ?
What percentage of my presence am I giving ?
How does my presence affect others, myself, my performance and my capacity for creativity ?
Movement keys : Grounding, presence, eye contact

Module 2
May 23
Jibberish, Movement Musicality and Performance Geography
Explore movement keys :  Push, Pull, Lean, Support
Write a short sketch

Module 3
May 30
Captivate your audience
Explore movement keys : Amplitude and Reduction
Develop sketch

Module 4
June 6
Cocreation with others
Presence. Deep Listening. Timing. Global awareness
Improvisation skills for 2 characters.
Develop sketch

72$ for all 4 modules (recommended)
20$ walk in
If you have budget limitation please contact me

Reserve by email
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May 16, 2019


1121 64th St, Oakland, CA 94608


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