6:00 pm

The Commons - Reclaiming What is Ours - a documentary film that features PLACE

Suggested Donation: $10-20
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The Commons is a documentary film about communities re-asserting sustainable futures using consensus, equity and shared resources – ancient Commons principles. The film shares the increasing privatization and destruction of commons, primarily in the United States, and shows how many activists are re-taking commons, re-establishing communities controlling heir own commons: maker spaces, land trusts, cooperatives, food production and distribution, housing, education, community centers – all using ancient Commons practices.

PLACE is part of the 3rd act of solutions being made on a community level.  It would be wonderful to gather the PLACE community and celebrate the work you're doing and the recognition of everyone's hard work by being featured in this film.  It would be nice to have a panel discussion from stewards of PLACE and other similar organizations in the area to give the audience an update and action steps for people to get involved instantly.

6:30pm screening of The Commons, followed by a panel discussion and dance party!


November 8, 2019


1121 64th St, Oakland, CA 94608


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