7:00 pm

Ethical Herbalism & Ancestral Medicine

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Join us in this Thursday night circle about cultural appropriation of traditional medicines of the Americas, how we can access our own ancestral medicines of our heritage, and what each of us can do to protect indigenous medicine practices while healing ourselves and one another.

Kanyon Sayers-Roods (of Kanyon Konsulting& will open our circle by speaking on what it means to harvest and utilize traditional native Californian medicine plants and how cultural appropriation of sacred medicines of California continue to harm its numerous tribes.

L Paloma Abregu Arroyo (founder and director of Saphichay), of Chanka descent (central Peruvian Andes) will appear in a video to share about her experiences working with marginalized communities in the Amazon, and an important message that Amazonian communities have shared with the world regarding their sacred medicines.

Emmy Akin Olivo (of will briefly discuss what it means to be a white/European-descendant herbalist on occupied Native American lands, how white-identified herbalists can work in ways that are not intrusive or harmful to native communities, and present different medicine plants ancestral to European lands as healthier alternatives to the current practice of exploiting Native American medicine plants.

Then, together, we will have lively small- and large-group discussions about our own ancestral plants, knowledge participants feel is important to share, and explore new ways in which we can get in touch with our own ancestral medicinal practices even if we feel generations away from our roots.

Informational booklets will be provided. We will also have medicinal teas available, and tables with goods for you to purchase to support Saphichay, and Kanyon Konsulting.


September 19, 2019


1121 64th St, Oakland, CA 94608


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