Current vacancies

We are looking for self-motivated people to join our team!

This is an opportunity to contribute to this community center while living on-site. We have 8 tiny home structures surrounding our garden area, which creates a balance of privacy in your own space while also being community centered. Rent ranges from $465-650 plus $50 utilities/month. We buy food communally, which you can choose to opt into at ~$25-50/month.

We are on our way to making our communal bathroom (toilet) and living room space wheelchair accessible, but we are not there yet. Access to the living room space requires 6 steps up. Shower room is not wheelchair accessible. Living here is a mixed indoor and outdoor experience which requires going outdoors from your tiny home to reach the communal bathroom and living area space. There are several fragrances in the space, i.e. plant medicines and nourishing cooking.

Passion, creative spirit, willingness, flexibility, and excitement to share and grow in community! Excellent communications skills are required.

We prioritize queer, trans, femme, Black, Indigenous, people of color, working class and poor people, and people with generational ties to the Bay Area.

Short-term sublet stays (current)

We are looking for a lovely person to temporarily rent one of our tiny dwellings, and to be part of our community through July.

We invite you to cook and eat communal meals with us, share space in the garden, find expression with your art, music, and culture, or contribute your skills and interests with us in other ways you feel called to during your stay at PLACE.

The Nest rent contribution is $565 plus $50/month for utilities:


All interested applicants, please fill out an application form through the link below.

Apply for Short-term Stay

Grants & Finance Steward

We are calling in a Grants and Finance Steward to support our community and organization in developing a transparent, balanced, and sustainable relationship with money. Working at the intersection of non-profits, cooperatives, and housing, the Grants and Finance Steward will help run the books, search for and coordinate grants, and build a strong culture of financial transparency and collective understanding and involvement.

You are someone who recognizes the violence of capitalism and the dynamic ways that collectives and individuals can work to heal colonial trauma associated with money, and will support in navigating our communities through this paradigm towards a more just world.You are someone who carries the principles of economic justice, and brings ideas, pays attention to details, and focuses on the organization’s longevity and financial sustainability, and how we show up with community reciprocity. You are someone who understands structural injustice and is eager to do the day-to-day work around the concept of money to build a future worth living for.

Like all other PLACE stewards, you agree to volunteer 8-10 hours weekly. You're also expected to attend weekly Wednesday night PLACE meetings, Finance Pod meetings (frequency TBD), and to perform regular weekly chores and duties. You'll also support at monthly PLACE Action Days, as schedule permits.


The Grants & Finance Steward agrees to perform the following functions: 
- Run the books at our community center and housing cooperative (PLACE)
- Manage and oversee all income and expenses, from events and memberships, to rent and donations, from utilities and maintenance, to special projects and programs
- Actively support PLACE’s financial health by searching for, tracking, and coordinating the submission of grant applications and other funding opportunities
- Communicate, document, and report on organizational financial evaluations, trends, and patterns
- Promote a strong culture of financial transparency for the collective.

Apply for Grants & Finance Steward!

General Interest - Rolling applications

For the times when we don't have any vacancies at PLACE, or if the opportunities currently available don't call to you, know that our spaces open up quite frequently – for sublets, stewards, and other contributors. If you're interested in being contacted if a space or role opens up that we think could be a good fit for you, please tell us a bit about yourself below!

Send us a General Interest Application!

We are calling in a Garden and Regenerative Design Steward who will steward in right relation with the Earth and her elements. This person will be inviting of community to participate in the collective work of healing human relations with the land, building food sovereignty and regenerative designs with the guiding frameworks of cooperation, reciprocity, traditional knowledge, and decolonization. The Garden and Regenerative Design Steward will promote plant and soil health, keep all physical elements of the garden site in good repair, design, build, and maintain regenerative systems for our site and community (including but not limited to: compost, greywater, rainwater catchment, etc.), communicate garden intentions to the whole, and offer education to the public. 

You care about the importance of the relationship between humans and the earth and get excited about sharing knowledge and experiences about plants and life. You love community and are a bridge between plants and people, helping people connect to their lineages through the living world around them. You’re a person who understands the trauma and stigma many people face around working with the land, and want to create a healing container of collective earth-tending. Given historical and current patterns of colonial and racialized displacement from land, we are calling in a member of the BIPOC community who is honoring their own journey to reclaim, reconnect, and heal their personal and ancestral relationship with land, while holding space for others to do the same.

You see all plants as medicine, moving from a production mindset to an observation mindset, from scarcity to abundance, from an objective to a personal and subjective relationship with the earth and all your relations. You see earthwork as a revolutionary practice, and seek to share knowledge about how to grow food and medicine in order to reclaim our sovereignty and self-determination against a culture of dependence and disempowerment. Dynamic, creative, DIY, accessible.

Like all other PLACE stewards, you agree to volunteer 8-10 hours weekly. You're also expected to attend weekly Wednesday night PLACE meetings, Garden Pod meetings (frequency TBD), and to perform regular weekly chores and duties. You'll also support at monthly PLACE Action Days, as schedule permits. 

Some of the things the Garden and Regenerative Design Steward might do are (and are not limited to!): 

- Steward edible, medicinal, and habitat gardens
- Facilitate bioremediation of soil and water
- Coordinate maintenance of greenhouses and starts for all seasons
- Coordinate maintenance of worm bin and compost system
- Process medicinal herbs and maintain community apothecary 
- Cultivate regenerative living practices (nutrient cycling, personal garden spaces) among stewards and visitors 
- Work with the Community Steward to organize garden volunteer workdays
- Facilitate garden educational events
- Work closely with Facilities and Site Stewards to design, build, and maintain regenerative systems